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The Australian telephone numbering plan describes the allocation of phone numbers in Australia. It has changed many times,the most recent major reorganisation by the Australian Communications Authority taking place between 1994 and 1998.

Present numbering plan

Australia is divided geographically into four large area codes,some of which cover more than one state and territory. The standard telephone number in Australia (which within the telecommunications industry is referred to as a FNN - Full National Number) has ten digits,of which the first is '0'.

Fixed line telephone numbers in Australia consist of the area code (two digits,starting with '0'),and an eight-digit local number. The first four "local" digits generally specify the exchange,and the final four a line at that exchange.

Many exchanges,though,have several four-digit exchange codes - whereas in regional areas they use 5-digit exchange codes and 3-digit line numbers. Some very small exchanges can even have a 6-digit exchange code if there will never be more than 100 lines on that exchange.

Mobile phone numbers begin with 04,followed by eight digits. e.g. 04yy yxx xxx . The y -digit codes are allocated per network,although with the introduction of number portability,there is no longer a fixed relationship between the mobile phone number and the network it uses. New numbers are still allocated to phone companies in blocks,so a new number will generally still be on its "home" network.


Country Code: 61

The following is the numbering plan in domestic format. The area codes do not exactly match political territories. Notably the part of NSW around Broken Hill (a large part of the state's area but less than 1% of its population),which uses (08) 80xx numbers; and Wodonga,which is in Victoria but uses the 02 prefix.

Landlines use an open dialing plan : if the caller's phone shares the same area prefix as the receiver,the prefix may be omitted. For example a call from the number (02) 5551 5678,to the number (02) 7010 1111,will get through if the caller only dials 7010 1111 . Similarly,a person who dials 7010 5678 on a landline or mobile phone in Melbourne (i.e.,within the 03 area) will be connected to 03 7010 5678 . For this reason,landline numbers are often given out without the area prefix. If your number and the destination number share the same area code,then the area code is not required,even if it isn't a "local" call.

Mobile numbers must always be dialled as complete 10 digits,no matter where they are being called from. 04 is a prefix,not an "area code",as such.

Internationally the first 0 is replaced by the country code (e.g. +61 2 ... for NSW or +61 4... for a mobile number). Some numbers beginning with a 1 may be dialled without any replacement. (see below) There has been careful planning to avoid clashing with 01x numbers in this case.

End-user numbers are 10 digits long,conventionally written in the form (0x) xxxx xxxx for geographic and 04xx xxx xxx for mobile numbers. If the number is written where it may be viewed by an international audience (e.g. on an email signature or website) then the number is often written as +61 x xxxx xxxx or +61 4xx xxx xxx respectively (the initial 0 is not used for calls from overseas).

00 Emergency and International access (See below
01 Alternate phone services
014 Satellite phone services
016 Paging [+3D or +6D]
018 Analogue ( AMPS) mobile phone - few numbers still in use [+6D]
0198 Data networks [+2D or +6D] - e.g. 0198 379 000 is the Dial-Up POP number for iiNet
02 Central East region ( NSW, ACT
03 South-east region ( VIC, TAS
04 Mobile services (Digital - GSM,CDMA,3G
05 Universal/Personal numberings (uncommon
07 North-east region ( QLD
08 Central and West region ( SA, NT, WA
Geographical region boundaries do not exactly follow state borders.
1 Non-geographic numbers (See below

Geographic numbers (02,03,07,08)

Geographical areas are identified by the first few digits of the local number:

02 33 Gosford,Central Coast (proposed
02 38 Bowral, Crookwell, Goulburn,Marulan (proposed
02 40 Newcastle,Lower Hunter (new
02 41 Newcastle,Lower Hunter (proposed
02 42 Wollongong
02 43 Gosford,Central Coast
02 44 Moruya, Nowra
02 45 Windsor, Richmond
02 46 Campbelltown
02 47 Penrith, Blue Mountains
02 48 Bowral,Crookwell,Goulburn,Marulan
02 49 Newcastle,Lower Hunter
02 50 Albury,Corryong,Wodonga (proposed
02 51 Canberra,Queanbeyan,Yass (proposed
02 52 Canberra,Queanbeyan,Yass (proposed
02 53 Bathurst,Orange. (new
02 55 Kempsey, Taree, Lord Howe Island, Muswellbrook (new
02 56 Coffs Harbour,Grafton,Lismore (new
02 57 Armidale,Tamworth,Northern Tablelands (new
02 58 Bourke,Dubbo,Far West. (new
02 59 Griffith,Wagga Wagga,Riverina (new
02 60 Albury,Corryong,Wodonga
02 61 Canberra,Queanbeyan,Yass (new
02 62 Canberra,Queanbeyan,Yass
02 63 Bathurst,Orange
02 64 Bega,Cooma
02 65 Kempsey,Taree,Lord Howe Island,Muswellbrook.
02 66 Coffs Harbour,Grafton,Lismore
02 67 Armidale,Glen Innes,Gunnedah,Inverell,Moree,Narrabri, Tamworth
02 68 Bourke,Dubbo,Far West
02 69 Griffith,Wagga Wagga,Riverina
02 7 Sydney (proposed
02 8 Sydney (new
02 9 Sydney
03 40 Mildura,Balranald (new
03 41 Bairnsdale (new
03 42 Colac,Geelong (proposed
03 43 Ballarat (new
03 44 Bendigo (new
03 45 Warrnambool (proposed
03 47 Wangaratta (new
03 48 Deniliquin,Numurkah,Shepparton (proposed
03 49 Mornington (new
03 50 Mildura,Balranald
03 51 Bairnsdale
03 52 Colac,Geelong
03 53 Ballarat
03 54 Bendigo
03 55 Warrnambool
03 56 Foster,Warragul,Drouin
03 57 Wangaratta
03 58 Deniliquin,Shepparton
03 59 Mornington,Pakenham,Rosebud
03 61 Hobart (new
03 62 Hobart
03 63 Launceston
03 64 Devonport,Burnie,Queenstown
03 65 Devonport,Burnie,Queenstown (proposed
03 67 Launceston (proposed
03 7 Melbourne (proposed
03 8 Melbourne (new
03 9 Melbourne
07 2 Brisbane,Bribie Island (proposed
07 3 Brisbane,Bribie Island
07 40 Cairns
07 41 Bundaberg,Kingaroy
07 42 Cairns (new
07 43 Bundaberg,Kingaroy (proposed
07 44 Townsville (new
07 45 Toowoomba,Roma,south-west (new
07 46 Toowoomba,Roma,South West
07 47 Townsville
07 48 Rockhampton, Mackay (new
07 49 Rockhampton,Mackay
07 52 Sunshine Coast,Esk,Nambour,Gatton,Caboolture (proposed
07 53 Sunshine Coast,Esk,Nambour,Gatton,Caboolture (new
07 54 Sunshine Coast,Esk,Nambour,Gatton,Caboolture
07 55 Gold Coast,Beaudesert [not 07 5551]
07 56 Gold Coast,Beaudesert (new
07 57 Gold Coast,Beaudesert (proposed
07 76 Inglewood,Toowoomba (proposed
08 51 Port Hedland (proposed
08 52 Perth (proposed
08 53 Perth (proposed
08 54 Perth (proposed
08 60 Bruce Rock,Great Victoria,Kalgoorlie,Merredin( new
08 61 Perth (new
08 62 Perth (new
08 63 Perth (new
08 64 Perth (new
08 65 Perth (new
08 67 Bridgetown,Bunbury (proposed - with exceptions
08 68 Albany (new
08 70 Adelaide (new
08 71 Adelaide (new
08 72 Adelaide (new
08 73 Adelaide (new
08 74 Adelaide (new
08 75 Riverland,Murraylands (new
08 76 Ceduna (new
08 77 South East (proposed
08 78 Mid North (proposed - with exceptions
08 79 Northern Territory ( Alice Springs, Darwin) (new
08 80 Broken Hill
08 81 Adelaide (new
08 82 Adelaide
08 83 Adelaide
08 84 Adelaide
08 85 Riverland,Murraylands
08 86 Ceduna
08 87 South East
08 88 Mid North
08 89 Northern Territory (Alice Springs,Darwin
08 90 Kalgoorlie
08 91 Derby [inc Cocos & Christmas Islands]
08 92 Perth
08 93 Perth
08 94 Perth
08 95 Bullsbrook East
08 96 Moora
08 97 Bridgetown
08 98 Albany
08 99 Carnamah
08 9162 Christmas Island
08 9164 Cocos/Keeling Islands
^ means not the entire charge zone
(new) means new since renumbering
(proposed) means prefixes proposed by ACMA and legislated in early 2008
0x 5551 reserved for fictitious use. (not including x =3
0x 7010 reserved for fictitious use.


City Centre: (02) 90,92,96,99,80,82,86 or 89
North : (02) 99,94,914,89,84 or 74
North West: (02) 98,918,88,86 or 78
West: (02) 97,87,81 or 77
South West: (02) 95,915,85 or 75
South / South East: (02) 93,913,83 or 73
Avalon Beach: (02) 99,94,89,84 or 74
Dural: (02) 965,99,94,89,84 or 74
Blacktown: (02) 962,98,88,86 or 78
Liverpool: (02) 960,961,97,87,81 or 77
Sutherland Shire: (02) 95,85 or 75
Non geographic: (02) 96,99,90,91,80 or 89


City & South: (03) 96,90,91 or 86
West: (03) 93,83 or 73
North East: (03) 94 or 84
East: (03) 98,88 or 78
South East: (03) 95,85 or 75
Werribee: (03) 97,87,80 or 77
Sunbury: (03) 97,87,80 or 77
Kalkallo: (03) 97,87,81 or 71
Whittlesea: (03) 97,87,81 or 71
Croydon: (03) 97,87,82 or 72
Dandenong: (03) 97,87,89 or 79
Non geographic: (03) 90,92,99 or 70


City Centre: (07) 30,322,332,382,323,333,383 or 22
North East: (07) 36,336 or 386
North/North West: (07) 35,325,326,335 or 385
West/South West: (07) 37,327,337 or 387
South East: (07) 30,34,324,334,384,24 or 04
East: (07) 39,329,339 or 389
Cleveland: (07) 30,34,328,338,388,320,330,380 or 28
Beenleigh: (07) 30,34,328,338,388,320,330,380 or 28
Ipswich: (07) 30,34,328,338,388,320,330,380 or 28
Samford: (07) 30,34,328,338,388,320,330,380 or 28
Redcliffe: (07) 30,34,328,338,388,320,330,380 or 28
Non geographic: (07) 31,321,331,381 or 21


City Centre: (08) 810,811,820,821,830,831,840,841,710,711,720,721,730,731,740 or 741
South: (08) 817,819,827,829,937,847,849,717,719,727,729,737,739,747 or 749
East: (08) 813,823,833,843,713,723,733 or 743
North East: (08) 816,826,836,839,846,716,726,736 or 746
North West: (08) 814,824,834,844,714,724,734 or 744
West: (08) 815,825,835,845,715,725,735 or 745
Salisbury: (08) 818,828,838,848,718,728,738 or 748
Woodside: (08) 818,828,838,848,718,728,738 or 748
Mt. Barker: (08) 818,828,838,848,718,728,738 or 748
McLaren Vale: (08) 818,828,838,848,718,728,738 or 748
Non geographic: (08) 812,822,832,842,712,722,732,742 or 70


City & South West: (08) 921,931,941,922,932,942,923,933,943,611,621,631,641,612,622,632,642,613,623,633,643,521,531,541,522,532,542,523,533 or 543
East/South East: (08) 925,935,945,625,635 or 645
North East: (08) 927,937,947,627,637,647,527,537 or 547
North/North West: (08) 924,934,944,920,930,940,624,634 or 644,620,630,640,520,530 or 540
West: (08) 928,938,948,628,638 or 648
Wanneroo: (08) 920,930,940,620,630,640,520,530 or 540
Herne Hill: (08) 929,939,949,619,629,639,649,659,529,539 or 549
Kalamunda: (08) 929,939,949,619,629,639,649,659,529,539 or 549
Armadale: (08) 929,939,949,619,629,639,649,659,529,539 or 549
Spearwood: (08) 929,939,949,619,629,639,649,659,529,539 or 549
Rottnest Island: (08) 929,939,949,619,629,639,649,659,529,539 or 549
Non geographic: (08) 926,936,946,610,614,615,616,617,618,626,636,646,650,654,655,656,657 or 658

Mobile phone numbers (04)

Generally the following numbers apply for the following mobile companies:

Telstra Corporation Ltd 0400,0407-0409,0417-0419,0427-0429,04303-04305,0434,0437-0439,0447-0448,0457,0458,04590-04592

Optus Mobile Pty Ltd 0401-0403,0411-0413,0421-0423,04301,0431-0432,04350

Vodafone Network Pty Ltd 0404-0406,0410,0414-0416,0420,0435 (except 04350),0449-0451,0424

Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia) Pty Ltd (trading as 'Three') 0424-0425,04300,04302,0433

Virgin Mobile (Australia) Pty Ltd 0466 (Note: Virgin utilises the Optus mobile network,and as such,other mobile operators (Such as Exetel) may also receive numbers in this range)

Student Administration Pty Ltd 0488

Currently unassigned 0426,04306-04309,0440-0446,045 (except 0450 and 0458),046 (except 0466),047,048 (except 0488),049

However mobile number portability means an individual number might have been " ported". There are also many resellers,and many companies buy "air time" from other companies for roaming.

Personal numbers (05)

0500 - "Find me anywhere" - divert the number to a mobile or normal number and the caller pays the bill. This was the number prefix used by Telstra's OneNumber service. This was a flexible service that allowed you to associate an 0500 number with a variety of conventional numbers (typically home,office,mobile etc.). It could also be freely directed to any number in the world. Unfortunately,due probably to confusion with 0055 premium services,the rapid growth of mobiles and ineffective marketing by Telstra,the service never built many subscribers and was discontinued in 2007.
0550 - Proposed VOIP range
059 - Enum testing numbers

Other non-geographic numbers (00,1)

The following codes are not generally dialable from international points,but used in domestic dialling:

000 - Emergency (Police,Fire,Ambulance
001x International access numbers
0011 international access (default
0014 international access (Primus
0015 international access (Telstra - fax
0016 international access (Telstra
0018 international access (Telstra - "easy half hours"
0019 international access (Singtel Optus
(Normally when choosing an international alternate carrier one would dial 14xx 0011 [country-code] [number].
106 - TTY emergency (for the hearing-impaired
11 - Community service
1100 - Dial Before You Dig
112 - Emergency (from GSM mobile phones only
114x xxxx - Mass calling service
119x - Community service (eg 1194 is time and 1196 is weather
12 - Network services
122x - Operator services (eg 1223 is directory assistance
123x - Operator services (eg 1234 is Sensis personal assistance
124xx - Operator services (eg 12456 is Sensis Call Connect
125xxx - Telstra Mobile Services (eg 125111 is Telstra Mobile Customer Service
1268x,1268 xxxx and 1268 xxx xxx - Internal network services
127 - Testing numbers (eg 12722123 reads your number from a Telstra line) (length varies
1282 - Call information service
128xx - Call information service
13 xx xx and 1300 xxx xxx - Local rate calls
1345 xxxx - Local rate calls (only used for back-to-base monitored alarm systems
14xx - Carrier selection override prefix (followed by local number
15 - Internal network testing
180 xxxx and 1800 xxx xxx - FreeCall
183x - Supplementary Control service (prefix) e.g.:
1831 - Block caller-id sending
1832 - Unblock Caller-id sending
188 xxxx - Premium SMS (since moved to 19 range
19 xx xx,19x xxxx and 19xx xxxx - Premium SMS
190x xxx xxx - Premium rate services (usually 1902 and 1900
Some notes:
These numbers do not have a trunk prefix ( 0 ).
The 106 number is believed to be the first nation-wide TTY emergency service in the world.
13 xx xx,1300 xxx xxx and 1800 xxx xxx numbers can provide source-based routing,used by organisations such as pizza chains that advertise one number nationwide that connects customers to their nearest store.
Virtually all FreeCall numbers in use are 1800 xxx xxx,though some organisations do use the shorter 7-digit version.
Some of these numbersare dialable from overseas,it is up to the individual owner to set this up correctly (for 13 and 18 numbers at least) (e.g. +61 13x xxx
The current numbering plan would appear to be sufficient to cope with potential increase in demand for services for quite some time to come. The 06 and 09 area codes are completely unused,plus each current area code has large spaces unallocated.
Historic numbering plans
International access codes

The main international prefix is0011 (there are others for special purposes,such as0018,for charging in half-hour blocks,0015,for fax traffic,and0014,for discounted rates). However,carrier selection codes (14xx) are now also used,and carrier pre-selection is widely used.

Emergency services numbers

000 is the primary emergency telephone number in Australia. Secondary emergency numbers are 106 (for use by the hearing impaired with a TTY terminal) and the international GSM mobile emergency telephone number 112 .

Increased awareness of the 112 emergency number in Australia has led to the potential for confusion over which number to call in an emergency. As a secondary emergency number,112 is not guaranteed to work from all technologies; most notably,it does not work from land lines. In order to encourage use of 000, mobile telephones imported commercially into Australia are required to be programmed to treat 000 in the same fashion as 112 (i.e. dialling with key lock enabled,use of any carrier,preferential routing,etc.) ]. On older or privately imported (e.g. roaming from another country) telephones,000 may not receive such preferential treatment.

A proposed amendment to the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999 would prevent carriers from providing emergency services access to SIM-less devices,i.e. mobile telephones that do not have a SIM installed.

Freecall,local-rate and premium-rate numbers

Australia uses the free call prefix 1800 . This is copied from the North American or NANPA prefix 1-800,but while in North America,the 1 is the long-distance or toll prefix and 800 is the area code,1800 in Australia is itself a "virtual area code" (prior to the introduction of 8-digit numbers,the free call code was 008 ).

The 13 and 1300 numbers are known as Local Rate Numbers or SmartNumbers. These work across large areas (potentially the whole of Australia) and only charge a local call,routing the call to the appropriate place in a given area. For example,a company could have the number 139999 and have the telephone company set it up so that calls made in Melbourne would route to their Melbourne number,calls made in Brisbane to their Brisbane number,and calls made anywhere else in Australia route to their Sydney number,all at a local charge cost to the caller. 13 numbers were not available before the introduction of the new numbering plan. Businesses looking for local callers tend to connect a "1300".

1800,1300 and 13 numbers are reverse charge networks. There is no real difference between a 13 number and a 1300 number other than the length of the number. The difference between a 13 number and an 1800 number is that a 13 number attracts a local call connect fee (around 25c). A call to an 1800 is free (no fee to the caller if using a landline phone; mobile users are usually charged at standard rates). These numbers "forward" to a geographic or mobile number. When a 13 number is called by a user in the same local call area there is no cost to the recipient for the first few minutes. The recipient is usually charged at a set rate per minute for each call,depending on plan and destination.

Similarly,190x (not to be confused with 0198,described below) is the code for premium rate services (e.g. recorded information,competition lines,psychics,phone sex,etc.). (Prior to the introduction of 8-digit numbers,the area code was 0055 .) 190 numbers incur a rate as charged by the provider - either at a per-minute rate (limited at $5.50 per minute) or a fixed rate (up to $38.50 per call). The latter method is most often used for fax-back services,where a timed charge is not appropriate. Costs of 190 calls for competitions involving chance are also often limited by state legislation to $0.55 per call. (In the previous numbering plan,0055 numbers were limited to three bands: Premium Rate,Value Rate and Budget Rate,with per minute rates of $0.75,$0.60 and $0.40 respectively.)

Other numbers beginning with 19 are used for premium-rate SMS services. These were originally trialled using the 188 prefix. These can actually range from a standard SMS cost (usually 25c),up to 55c for competition use,to several dollars for other uses,such as unique bid auctions.

All calls to 0198 numbers are a "local call" cost like 13 and 1300 numbers but are used for internet service provider access numbers. They are used both with dial up modems and ISDN.

Other numbers

01471 xxxxx numbers are predominantly used for satellite phone services. The 01471 prefix is the 10 digit replacement for the previous,9 digit ITERRA satellite phone code '0071 xxxxx'. Prior to its use for ITERRA (and other satellite services),the '014' prefix had been used as a 9 digit,AMPS mobile phone access code.

0145xxxxxx numbers are used for satellite phone services utilised on the Optus network in Australia. This is predominantly used for MobileSat and Thuraya mobile satellite services.

Feature codes

These codes are only true for Telstra-infrastructure based landline phones

Call waiting
*#43# - Check call waiting status
*43# - Enable call waiting
#43# - Disable call waiting
*44 - Dial before a number to disable call waiting for the call duration (Enabled on Ericsson 'AXE' and Alcatel 'S12' based exchanges
Call forward - immediate
*#21# - Check Call Forward Immediate Status
*21 [forward number] # - Enable Call Forward Immediate on all incoming calls
#21# - Disable Call Forward Immediate
Call forward - busy
*#24# - Check Call Forward Busy Status
*24 [forward number] # - Enable Call Forward when line is Busy for incoming calls
#24# - Disable Call Forward Busy
Last call return
*10# - Check last missed call
0# - Redial last number (This is only enabled on Ericsson based Exchanges
Call control
*30 [old pin] * [new pin] * [new pin] # - Setup/change current Call Control PIN
*#33# - Check Call Control Status
*33 [pin] # - Enable Call Control on line
#33 [pin] # - Disable Call Control on line

Test numbers

Telstra Landline Test numbers
12722123 - Playback the last connected or current landline number
12722199 - Ringback the current landline number
Optus landline test numbers
1272312 - Playback the last connected or current landline number
1272399 - Ringback the current landline number

Provider override codes

These numbers would be dialled before the 001x code to be billed by a provider other than your normal biller.

1411 - Telstra
1414 - AAPT
1434 - GOtalk
1441 - Vodafone
1447 - Corporate Holdings
1456 - Optus
1466 - Primus
1474 - Powertel
1477 - Vocus Communications
1488 - Axicorp
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